Sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, frazzled, tense and possibly in physical pain - does this sound like you? You're not alone; most new moms share these feelings.

Your body has gone through a lot and needs to recover and heal. But with low energy levels and zero time, self-care can feel like an unaffordable luxury.

Let’s make it simple: one evidence-based exercise per day. Plus a library of lectures on topics like breastfeeding, postpartum depression and anxiety, healthy sleep habits, returning to exercise, and postpartum sexuality.

We’ve done all the thinking for you, so you can simply sit back and receive the research-backed benefits, directly from the experts.

Welcome to your supported postpartum journey!

This 6-week program guides new mothers through recovery and rehabilitation, with the guidance of a ERYT500 yoga instructor and Pregnancy & Postpartum Specialist. 

This program is designed by a pre- and postnatal yoga instructor, Yoga Alliance-certified Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist. It is appropriate to begin immediately following birth for vaginal deliveries, and at 8 weeks following cesarean births. While this program is a must for first-time moms, anyone wanting to take care of their postpartum health will benefit, especially those who suffer from postpartum issues (sometimes even years after your baby was born). And for those who can’t wait to start their fitness routine again, the 6-week program provides a safe on-ramp back into physical exercise!

This evidence-based program is designed to safely support you through the postpartum period back to optimal health and wellbeing. It includes accessible breathing techniques (designed to help the core and pelvic floor heal), exercises to develop functional core capacity, postural strengthening, and tried-and-tested techniques to support your mental wellbeing through the challenging but transformative postpartum phase. We believe that true wellbeing is a multifaceted thing, and so we've designed our PT-approved program to address your postpartum health as broadly and holistically as possible.

We couldn't be more excited to guide and support you as you move into motherhood!

A program format designed specifically for busy moms.

We know your schedule as a new mom is packed, not to mention unpredictable! The format and delivery of this program has been designed to meet the needs of mothers, and to make it as easy as possible for you to take manageable steps in your postpartum journey. Here's how it works:

Step 1: sign up to start your postpartum wellness journey!
Immediately upon registration, we'll send you resources to support your postpartum journey:

  • Access to our on-demand series of expert lectures from perinatal experts, covering topics including postpartum depression & anxiety, baby sleep, breastfeeding & lactation, birth-related trauma, infant massage, postpartum sexuality, and safely returning to exercise

  • A comprehensive Postpartum Guide, delivered in partnership with Carolina Birth and Wellness. This incredible resource is packed with practical information to help life with your little one go smoothly!

Step 2: start your postpartum wellness program, at a time that works for you.
When you've settled in after the arrival of your little one, it's time to nurture your own physical and mental wellbeing. After all, feeling your best is what allows you show up fully for your family, too! Our innovative and comprehensive program is designed to support you every step of the way.

  • PT- endorsed pelvic floor rehab, safe core strengthening, tension relief from the physical and postural demands of motherhood, and guided relaxation to offset sleep deprivation and stress
  • Seamless digital delivery: exercises are delivered directly to your inbox for convenience
  • Flexible time commitment: your program comes in manageable doses, and you can complete your exercises whenever and wherever they fit into your schedule
  • Options for personalized support: the Premium Support option includes your own specialized postpartum coach. Your coach is there to support you every step of the way, and our interactive platform lets you ask questions or request guidance at any time

Ready to feel your best as you enter motherhood? Use the options below to save your spot, or to receive more information about the program.

Upon registering, you'll immediately receive a comprehensive Postpartum Guide, provided in partnership with Carolina Birth & Wellness, and access to our on-demand lecture series, delivered by perinatal experts.

Ready to get your postpartum wellness journey underway? Register below!

Please note: the coach-led, interactive program is currently sold out, but will become available in the spring. Please use the "Send me more info about the program" button above to be notified when spots become available!

Meet the program creator.

Dana Diament is a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, the founder of Lennox Yoga and an international yoga educator. She has deep expertise in anatomy and physiology, and aims to support and inspire students to use yoga as medicine by incorporating both eastern and western perspectives in her teaching.

Working with the postpartum population is a particular passion of Dana’s, and her approach is rooted in both science as well as her personal journeys with pregnancy and postpartum healing. Dana’s extensive therapeutic experience, along with her compassionate and soothing style of teaching, have earned her a reputation as a thoughtful and knowledgeable instructor. In addition to her pre- and postnatal work, Dana’s specialities include back and hip pain, recovery and addiction, and anxiety and depression.

Dana has taught on teacher training programs in Hawaii, Mexico, Thailand, Napa, San Francisco, and San Diego for Yoga Medicine, and in Byron Bay for Creature Yoga. She teaches online on Yoga Medicine Online, and is a contributor to Well Being’s Yoga Experience, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest and Wild magazine.

Dana initially came to yoga as a teenager and found that a regular practice helped her find clarity, gain confidence, and connect to a peaceful place within. Her love for functional anatomy came later on, through healing injuries and her mentorship with Tiffany Cruikshank. Combining the emotional benefits of yoga with the anatomical knowledge to support strength and healing allows her to create classes and programs with a three dimensional focus on health and wellness.

Dana has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cornell University and an associate’s degree in Graphic Design from Parson’s University in New York. Born in Israel and raised in New Jersey, she has found her true home in Lennox Head, Australia.

How do I know if this program is the right fit for me? This is for you if:

  • You’ve given birth vaginally (this program is safe to begin immediately)
  • You’ve had a cesarean birth at least 8 weeks ago
  • You are farther out from your birth but would like guidance on rehabilitation to build your core strength, and return to exercise
  • You are looking for holistic guidance, support, and education during your early postpartum period 
  • You want purposeful exercise rather than just being told to take longer and longer walks 
  • You would like tools to help cope with sleep deprivation and the stressors of looking after your little one
  • You struggle with back pain or pelvic pain
  • You can spend 5-15 minutes daily to focus on rehabilitation following pregnancy and delivery
  • Please note: this is NOT a weight loss or "workout" program! However, this program IS designed to establish the foundational building blocks of physical function in the pelvic floor and core, which are an important prerequisite for a safe return to more vigorous exercise.

See what previous participants have loved about the program!

"The program guided me on how to rebuild strength and feel connected to my body after childbirth."

"I enjoyed the program. The exercises suited me, and they progressed gradually, making sure that we didn't go too far too fast. The bite-size length of the videos also made it very manageable."

"The breathing exercises were wonderful. New mothers are stressed out, relaxing helps even when it's only for 5 minutes."

"My advice to other mothers: look for things that are beneficial. I suggest you do this program, as it provided a great pathway for my own recovery after giving birth."

"The exercises felt safe and very manageable. It was a way to take care of myself while caring for my baby." 

"I strongly recommend this program. You'll find a supportive community that understands and guides you."

"The instructions and exercises for engaging the core and pelvic floor were great. I learned how important breathing is: breathing deeper will help to engage the core and restore pelvic floor health."

"The supportive community made a huge difference—I felt understood and encouraged."

So, what exactly do I get with this program?

We're so glad you asked! We've worked hard to create a well-rounded and multi-faceted program that addresses the numerous and varied aspects of postpartum health. We believe that your wellness is a complex thing, and therefore should be approached from all angles so that you can feel your best post-baby! With our program, you'll receive:

  • Fully demonstrated and narrated video exercises, designed by a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist and approved by a Physical Therapist
  • Seamless digital delivery, so that you can use your program whenever it best suits your schedule
  • A safe, gradual approach that allows you to regain foundational strength over the 6-week program duration
  • Expert guidance to help you rebuild healthy pelvic floor and core function, manage low back pain, and release the common tension spots that arise from the demands of holding and feeding your baby
  • Option to receive daily support and guidance from your Community Manager, an experienced movement professional who is a mom herself (choose the Premium Support version of the program at checkout for this option!)
  • Stress management tools, guided relaxation, and accessible breath and meditation techniques to help offset the challenges of new motherhood
  • Access to expert lectures on lactation, sleep, postpartum mental health, and infant massage (available on demand for the duration of your 6-week program)

Let's get your postpartum wellness journey underway. Register below!

Please note: the coach-led, interactive program is currently sold out, but will become available in the spring. Please use the "Send me more info about the program" button above to be notified when spots become available!

Meet your team of postpartum wellness experts!

We are proud to collaborate with both local and international organizations to provide you with the best and most up-to-date resources as part of our program! Each of the experts below is featured in our postpartum wellness lecture series, available to you on immediately upon registration, and on-demand for the duration of your program.

Take your time to enjoy these lectures at your convenience, along with the comprehensive Postpartum Guide (also provided upon registration). Remember, your actual program start date is entirely flexible, so you can take as much time as you like with these resources, and then dive into your 6-week program whenever you're ready and your schedule allows.

Dr Katayune Kaeni

Dr Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D., PMH-C, is a psychologist certified in Perinatal Mental Health. Her practice, WellMind Perinatal, specializes in working with perinatal mental health, and she has created multiple online courses to help new moms manage postpartum depression and anxiety, regulate emotions, and deal with the stress and pressure of new parenthood. She is the creator of the Mom and Mind podcast, which is widely regarded as the go-to resource for perinatal health resources. 

Dr Kat is also the Board Chair at Postpartum Support International, where anyone can access free guidance, support groups, peer mentor programs, and specialized resources local to them.

Emily Chaffee

Emily (she/her) is the founder and owner of Carolina Birth and Wellness. She is passionate about advancing maternal care and allowing folks to learn the cues that their bodies are telling about their overall health and fertility. As a fertility doula, fertility educator, massage therapist, infant massage instructor, birth doula, and childbirth educator, she is in the unique position to work with individuals and families in various stages of their life, and incorporate her wellness training into each aspect of her work.

She started Carolina Birth and Wellness to fill this missing link in maternal care in the Triangle and has since grown a business that includes fertility, birth and postpartum specific services. Her specific areas of interest include fertility support, postpartum planning, and the ways in which support can lessen the stigma of high risk pregnancies and postpartum periods.

Carrie Banks

Carrie Banks, M.S., PMH-C, is a postpartum doula, and a passionate advocate for families struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Here, she talks about the value of peer support for new moms, whether or not you might be dealing with a mood disorder. 

After the life-changing experiences of postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD after the birth of her first child, Carrie switched gears from environmental advocacy to perinatal mental health advocacy and support. She started out as a Postpartum Support International volunteer, coordinating under-served areas in North Carolina, and became a founding board member of PSI-NC. Carrie has worked full time at PSI since 2017, and is now their Peer Support Programs Director.

Liz Harden

Liz Harden the founder of Little Dipper Wellness, a sleep coaching service that works with clients all over the world. She has a Masters Degree in Health Behavior and Health Education, and uses her academic background, Association of Professional Sleep Consultants certification, and multiple yoga certifications to create flexible, inclusive, evidence-based sleep coaching and classes. Known for their Mindful Method for Sleep™, her company equips parents with what all other sleep programs miss: the essential mindset tools and scientific insight you need to help your family get their best rest.

Dr Lindsay Mumma

Dr. Lindsay Mumma, DC, is the owner of Triangle Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center in Raleigh, NC. Her practice specializes in women’s health and postpartum rehabilitation. She has created childbirth education and postpartum rehabilitation courses, and coaches a cyclical women’s fitness course.

She has extensive expertise in rehabilitation, developmental kinesiology, pediatrics, pregnancy, nutrition, pain management, sports injuries, TMJ disorder treatment, disc pain, neuroplasticity, and neurology. She is an instructor for the Motion Palpation Institute, where she educates chiropractors and students in the care of prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric patients.

Dr Mumma is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and awarded the Breastfeeding Friendly Business Award from the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition.

Erin Crites

Erin Crites is a doula, childbirth educator and a maternal mental health advocate based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a Postpartum Support International Area Coordinator, as well as a Leader at La Leche League International. Erin is also the co-founder of The Villages of North Carolina, an organization that connects parents to pediatric care, mental health support, and parenting support groups both virtually and in-person at the local, regional, and state level to help them raise healthy and secure families. 

Hannah Deindorfer

Hannah Deindorfer is known as the "libido fairy" for women. She uses somatic therapy, sexuality, pleasure, and sensuality as tools for creating deeper intimacy with self and in relationship. She lives in Austin, Texas with her dog and her partner and has been a coach for the last six years. She has certifications in trauma therapy, somatic therapy, NLP, CBT, and has mentored with world-renowned sexuality coaches and therapists. She loves hiking, has competed in Olympic weightlifting, and does watercolor painting and mixed-media collage in her spare time.

Pam Freedman

Pam Freedman is an Executive Director at La Leche League Alliance with 40 years of experience supporting mothers with lactation and breastfeeding. LLL’s mission is to support mothers to breastfeed via mom-to-mom support, encouragement, information and education; their network includes Leaders in 43 states in the US as well as international support around the globe.

What to expect: some program logistics.

  • This program is 6 weeks long. After registering, you can begin your program whenever you feel ready- just let us know your preferred start date, and we'll get you set up right away. In the meantime, enjoy our perinatal wellness lecture series and the Postpartum Guide you'll receive immediately upon registration!
  • This is a digital program, and your program content is digitally delivered to your inbox for maximum convenience and flexibility. No need to arrange childcare or drive around looking for parking for in-person sessions.
  • Your exercises will be delivered via TrueCoach, an industry-standard remote coaching platform. TrueCoach provides a seamless way to receive your programming and interact with your instructor. 
  • Recommended equipment: yoga bolster or pillows, blanket or towel, yoga block (can substitute pillow/ folded blanket)

We look forward to supporting you in your postpartum journey! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly: simply send a message to [email protected] and we'll get right back to you.

Dana's expertise and postpartum journey.

When it comes to your postpartum health, you want to make sure you're getting the best advice, from established experts, based on the latest research. Ideally, you also want this guidance to come from someone who has lived the challenges of the postpartum phase, and personally understands what you're going through!

Your postpartum guide, Dana, is a mother and a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist whose professional expertise and own transformative journey through motherhood led to the creation of this program.

In Dana's own words: “As an experienced yoga teacher, I thought I would gracefully sail through pregnancy and childbirth, but the reality was very different.
My introduction to motherhood made me want to run for the hills!  

Giving birth was traumatic, and left me with debilitating symptoms - torn muscles, pelvic floor dysfunction, and crushing back pain. I also faced postpartum anxiety, and had to navigate the journey without the support of my family, who live on the other side of the globe.  

I was lucky to have knowledgeable professionals who patiently helped me to recover and heal. The journey made me deeply passionate about postpartum recovery and helping other mothers, some of whom are still suffering from back pain and pelvic dysfunction years later.

When giving birth to my second baby, I was able to put all that I had learned into practice, and everything went much smoother! I’m a happy mother to two beautiful children, son Zyah and daughter Juni. One of our favourite activities to do together is jumping on the trampoline - something I am able to do because of good pelvic floor health. 

I can’t wait to connect with you and learn about your experience! I want to use my skills and experience to support your postpartum wellness, and help you reconnect with yourself, love your new body, and discover the immense capacity within you to care for your family."

Ready to feel your best as you enter motherhood? Use the options below to save your spot, or to receive more information about the program.

Upon registering, you'll immediately receive a comprehensive Postpartum Guide, provided in partnership with Carolina Birth & Wellness, and access to our on-demand lecture series, delivered by perinatal experts.

Let's get your postpartum wellness journey underway. Register below!

Please note: the coach-led, interactive program is currently sold out, but will become available in the spring. Please use the "Send me more info about the program" button above to be notified when spots become available!