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We're excited to help you optimize your shoulder health for your best, most efficient training yet. Read on for a few logistical details, and then dive in to your program!

Keeping your shoulders healthy shouldn't entail a bunch of guesswork.

This two week program covers all the bases to keep your shoulders feeling great, whether you're just enjoying moving some weight around or are working towards your next PR. We'll target:

  • scapular mobility and stability
  • balance and strength in the rotator cuff muscles
  • adequate thoracic mobility in both extension and rotation
  • solid functional length in the pecs and lats
  • muscular control in the overhead position
  • mellow mobility for recovery

Consistency = results.

The program content is conveniently organized in daily chunks of 8-12mins, for those who prefer a structured approach. You are, however, welcome to also make your way through the course in an order of your choosing, and at your own pace.

For best results, we recommend doing a little bit, often: frequency trumps quantity and consistency is crucial. Similarly, be sure not to skip the parts that feel challenging; chances are, that's the work you'll benefit from the most :)

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