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We're excited to help you optimize your upper body mobility and recovery for your best, most efficient training yet. Read on for a few logistical details, and then dive in to your program!

Myofascial release is an accessible and effective mobility and recovery tool for CrossFit (and other functional fitness) athletes.

MFR has a myriad of well-researched benefits, including improved tissue hydration, better muscle recovery, and boosted proprioception. On top of that, most people also find it to be extremely enjoyable and relaxing, meaning it can provide a serious boost for your nervous system recovery as well!

While there's no harm in rolling out your lats with a well-worn foam roller, it also pays to take a more fine-tuned approach and get to grips with your personal tension spots. In the process, you'll develop your own personal arsenal of self-care, recovery and mobility techniques to help you support your long-term athletic development.

Need some MFR tools to get you underway? We got you: we love Rad Roller, and especially recommend their Recovery Rounds. These MFR balls have a perfect textured surface to help them stay in place, and a little bit of give to them to make the whole experience more pleasant- quite different from grinding away with a lacrosse ball! We also recommend having a pair of yoga blocks for this program.

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Example Curriculum

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What to expect from this program:

This program includes myofascial release techniques for all the usual suspects for upper body tension, as well as many less well-known culprits of hidden muscular tension:

  • rotator cuff muscles
  • traps, rhomboids, serratus anterior, levator scapulae and deltoids
  • pecs and lats
  • sternocleidomastoid, intercostals, and cervical extensors

While the content is organized in a daily chunks of 8-12mins for convenience, you are welcome to work your way through the material at your own pace and pick and choose techniques depending on what your body needs on that particular day!

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