Are you frustrated with a painful low back that limits your movement, squat mechanics, or daily life? Or annoying, recurring discomfort that flares up after workouts?

It's estimated that approximately 80% of the population struggles with low back pain at some point in their lives. Even more frustrating: many peoples' pain is "non-specific", meaning there's no obvious mechanical issue that's causing it! Back pain is a complex issue, and so it requires a nuanced approach that goes beyond just "stretching it out" or "strengthening the core".

This course is for you if:

  • you have recurring low pain
  • certain movements predictably cause flare-ups
  • are unsure how to "engage your core"
  • don't know how to maintain appropriate mobility
  • deal with chronic stiffness or feel limited in your range of motion
  • stretching provides temporary relief, but doesn't solve the issue for good
  • poor low back function is limiting you in your workouts
  • go through cycles of tissue irritation that come and go
  • need better tools to improve post-workout recovery
  • want to maintain low back health post-injury

Curious as to what to expect from this program? Here are the details.

  • an average of 15-25 minutes of exercises/ day, 4-week program
  • easy-to-complete movements: simply follow along with videos of each exercise
  • a science-informed approach to build strength safely and gradually
  • learn to move efficiently and improve your movement mechanics
  • targeted myofascial release to alleviate common tension spots, aid recovery, boost tissue hydration and improve range of motion
  • built-in guided recovery and relaxation: low back pain often includes nervous system factors that also need to be addressed!
  • lifetime access: work through the program at your own pace, and return to your favorite techniques as needed to maintain your low back health

While you are not required to purchase any equipment, you'll find it easier (and more pleasant) to complete the exercises with a few pieces of inexpensive gear to hand. We recommend having:

  • a pair of yoga blocks
  • a blanket or large beach towel
  • a pair of myofascial release balls (we love Rad Roller!)
  • a yoga mat: not strictly necessarily, but can be helpful to get more comfortable
  • enough floor space to lie down, and a little bit of clear wall space

Example Curriculum

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  WEEK 1
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  WEEK 2
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  WEEK 3
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  WEEK 4
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Psst! Have you been in pain for a while? Or maybe you've already tried everything, and nothing has worked so far?

We get it: low back pain is often an ongoing struggle, with daily fluctuations that may or may or may not follow a predictable pattern. The frustration that comes with constant pain or recurring flare-ups is very real.

Because of the multitude of factors that can contribute to low back pain, you may need a more comprehensive or individualized approach. If this sounds like you, consider:

  • our Bespoke programming. A custom program, built from scratch around your needs, movement goals and schedule. Includes as much daily interaction and support as needed.
  • our 12-week low back pain program, designed to safely and gradually improve strength. Perfect for those with more serious pain, or athletes needing to build long-term capacity to withstand high load training and repetitive movement.
  • combine this program with one of our other programs! If you have chronic stiffness in your neck, shoulders and upper back, it might be that. your entire spine could use some help. Check out our Upper Body Tension Relief and Shoulder Health Basics programs for more help with these areas.

Click below to view these complementary programs to support your wellbeing.

A little bit about myofascial release

Myofascial release is a safe and pleasant technique that we love including in our programs! Myofascial release:

  • is an excellent way to maintain range of motion and tissue health
  • boost muscle recovery and increase hydration
  • provides a wonderful opportunity for nervous system recovery- a crucial part of our overall wellbeing, ability to move well and feel good in your body
  • can act as both a pre-workout warmup or cool down, making it a versatile tool to have in your mobility maintenance toolkit
  • equips you with personalized techniques to maintain tissue health well beyond the end of your program

Our programs are proud to exclusively use RadRoller myofascial release tools- we’ve found these to be the most versatile and high quality implements out there. With a variety of sizes and degrees of firmness to choose from, you can select something that will work for your unique body. Additionally, all RadRoller tools have a pleasant anti-slip surface that makes it easy to keep the tools in place. Plus, you'll get a discount on your purchase when you shop using the above link!

For recovery purposes, we recommend the Recovery Rounds, which have a nice amount of give to them, making for a gentler and more relaxing experience. We also love the classic Rad Roller- perfect for common tension spots around the neck, shoulders and upper back. 

Meet your instructor!

Jenni Tarma is a lifelong athlete, endurance runner, RRCA Endurance coach, CrossFit athlete and CF- L1 trainer, and a full-time yoga teacher. She specializes in working with an active population and coaches everyone from elite athletes to casual weekend golfers and hikers looking to feel better in their bodies. She has multiple advanced certifications in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, and is a lead teacher in the Carolina Yoga 200hr teacher training program, where she has mentored dozens of new yoga teachers. She is also a senior teacher in the Yoga Medicine 500hr program, and has created continuing education courses on teaching yoga to athletes for the YM community.

She is an enthusiastic writer who has contributed articles to Yoga Journal, Healthline, Weight Watchers, OpenFit, Reebok and Yoga Medicine®’s online forum among others, and recently released an e-book on hamstring tendon injuries.

Having worked with countless athletes and active folks, she has seen first hand how debilitating and frustrating low back pain can be. Her comprehensive approach to working with pain builds not only long-term resilience and function, but also seeks to addresses the nervous system factors often associated with low back pain.

Jenni and the Kaari team are excited to work with you! We can't wait to help you move and feel your best.