The off-season is the time to recharge, reset and strengthen so you can hit the ground running when it's time to return to training.

Downtime from the rigors of daily practice and competition is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune and recalibrate, both physically and mentally. This 6-week program is designed to give you the competitive edge that not only lets you get right to work when training begins, but also sets the foundation for an injury-free season. The program includes:

  • balanced strength work for the hips
  • lower leg and ankle stability
  • core and upper body strength
  • techniques for improved proprioception, including targeted work for the deep stabilizers
  • balancing out quads with posterior chain strength work
  • sport-specific passive and active mobility
  • accessible tools for athletic and nervous system recovery
  • myofascial release for tissue health, hydration and mobility

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A science-driven and research-backed approach to off-season training.

Since you're here, you already know that cross-training during the off-season is a game-changer when it comes to injury prevention and efficient training.

Current research supports the notions that:

  • prevention strategies involving balance training can reduce lower extremity injuries
  • better core stability, including neuromuscular control, static stabilization, and dynamic stability, reduces likelihood of lower limb injury
  • improved body awareness makes for a better-coordinated athlete, and reduces the chances of acute injury from falls
  • girls are especially predisposed to knee and ACL injuries, and therefore stand to benefit hugely from targeted off-season strengthening

This program is comprised of 3 repeating week-long blocks, allowing players to develop competence with the movements and thoroughly integrate the movements skills. The program is designed to cover all of the above and more, for your most efficient and injury-free season yet.

Are you a coach who wants to give your team that extra competitive edge?

Our programs are entirely customizable, and can be designed according to your specifications to maximally boost your team's performance and wellness, on and off the field.

Optional program features in include:

  • full or partial program customization
  • daily or weekly interactive support from a Kaari Coach for your players
  • fluid program design that evolves with your team's needs
  • position-specific program design for key players, or those recovering from injury
  • weekly or bi-weekly compliance and feedback reports to keep you in the loop with player adherence, and to highlight any emerging problem areas or strength deficits

We're excited to help your team maximize their full potential and boost their performance and wellness! Contact us so we can discuss your team's unique needs.

About the course creator

This course was curated by Kaari Coach Emily Perrin.

Emily is the CEO and founder of Perrin Wellness and Performance, a mindfulness and performance coaching service for athletes. Emily has vast experience working with collegiate and professional athletes all over the US, and she currently works at Duke University with the college's lacrosse, soccer, baseball and tennis teams amongst others.

As a former D1 soccer player at the University of Virginia and assistant coach at the University of Pennsylvania, Emily is passionate about educating and empowering athletes with relevant techniques to help enhance performance on the field and navigate life off the field. Having gone through multiple hip, spine and knee surgeries herself, she understands first hand how devastating and disruptive injuries are for dedicated athletes. Emily is also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, 200 HR YTT and current MSW/LCSW candidate.

When she's not on the field, you can find her moving through a gentle yoga flow, lifting weights and enjoying her morning coffee and meditation.

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Logistics! Here's what to expect from this program.

This program consists of a blend of passive and active mobility work, sport-specific strength, myofascial release, and guided relaxation to enhance recovery. We recommend having the following pieces of equipment to hand for your program (this information will also be available for you to browse in your own time after registering for the course:

  • a pair of yoga blocks
  • yoga mat; optional, but can help you get more comfortable!
  • a blanket or beach towel
  • a foam roller
  • a light resistance band
  • a pair of myofascial balls- we love the Recovery Rounds from Rad Roller!

Example Curriculum

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